Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Configure Test Mail Server Tool

Steps 2 configure Test Mail Server Tool
1) download & install Test Mail Server Tool from below link - once installed changed the port to 2525

2) configure liferay mail settings accordingly (Server Administration > Mail )

no user details given while configuring mail settings in Liferay

3) open eml file viewer installed from below link, browse to mail path to store received email (C:\Users\Nagendra Busam\Desktop\Mail Sent to Local Server) . As I have testing this on Windows 7, it is doesn't have eml viewer by default installed this.

4) created user to check whether default MESSAGE if not configured mail server shows up (as below)

][MailEngine:592] Failed to connect to a valid mail server. Please make sure one is properly configured. Could not connect to SMTP host: localhost, port: 25

If not showing up you have configured your mail server properly

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